🛵 Choose Your Rider: Oven-Fresh Sourdough Bread

5 Steps to Oven-Fresh Rustic Loaf Delivered Straight to your Home

Step 1: Wait for the clock to reach 9AM between Tuesday to Saturday

Step 2: Open your Delivery App of choice (Grab, FoodPanda or StreetBy)

Step 3: Search for Mercedes Bakery Gusa (JR Borja Ext.) branch – you may need to be within 4KM of our location (if not, don’t worry we’re working on making Oven-Fresh bread available in other locations)

Step 4: Select either of our Sourdough Bread variants – Rustic Loaf, or Sourdough Loaf

Step 5: Wait for your Oven-Fresh Sourdough Bread to arrive


Make it #YourDailyHabit!