Neighborhood Announcement: Scheduled Delivery and ₱50 Delivery!


We know CDO traffic has been getting kinda crazy lately, and it’s been bugging us that we can’t seem to get your orders delivered early enough. So we got together (on Google Meet, don’t worry we’re still practicing social distancing and not partying) to find a way to get your orders to your home as quickly and painlessly as possible.

What we came up with was Scheduled Deliveries from Tuesday to Sunday.

Here’s how it works: You place your order on a Monday, and we confirm the same day. We then skip one day (which is Tuesday) and deliver your order Wednesday morning. Our 4PM daily order cut-off still applies, meaning if you order beyond this time your delivery will be included with the following day’s orders. Our office is closed on Sundays, so orders on Sunday will be included with the orders to be confirmed on Monday.

If you’re into schedules and emojis, we made a list to outline when your confirmed order will be delivered.

🛒Confirmed Orders 🛵 Scheduled Delivery

  • 🛒 Saturday 🛵 Tuesday
  • 🛒 Sunday & Monday 🛵 Wednesday
  • 🛒 Tuesday 🛵 Thursday
  • 🛒 Wednesday 🛵 Friday
  • 🛒 Thursday 🛵 Saturday
  • 🛒 Friday 🛵 Sunday

Our goal is ultimately to ensure that the Bread Baked Just for You arrives at your door without any hassle. With our Easy & Conventient Scheduled Delivery, we’ll help you Make Good Habits Daily!

Hangtod Asa Muabot Ang 50 Nimo?

Sa Mercedes Bakery, bisan asa sa CDO!

We also took the time to think about how we can make delivery cheaper for you (and how to still pay our independent riders fairly), and we realized that having a morning delivery schedule allows us to hit two birds with one stone! All Scheduled Delivery fees are only ₱50 for all orders. Located in Gusa/Lapasan/Divisoria? Don’t worry! You still qualify for FREE delivery with a minimum ₱400 order. As always, 100% of our delivery fees go to our riders!

That’s it for this Neighborhood Announcement, and we hope to have more good news for you soon! For more detailed information, please check our Terms & Privacy Policy page.

Stay safe and God bless!