The Best Pizza in Gusa

Italian Cheese and Pepperoni, Creamy Spinach, and Local Pineapples – all on a Crispy + Chewy 8″ Crust. Delivered HOT Straight to your home!

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Imagine the perfect 8″ pizza crust: Slightly charred and both crispy and chewy at the same time.

Topped with premium ingredients like mozzarella and pepperoni from Italy, locally-sourced pineapples and premium spinach. Each pie is coated with our signature pizza sauce made from whole peeled Italian tomatoes.

Now, picture that perfect 8″ pie delivered HOT straight to your home.

You don’t need to imagine anymore!

Choose from 4 Flavors:

  1. New York Pepperoni
  2. Classic Cheese
  3. Spinachi Formaggi
  4. Alohawaiian
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Note for Orders: Since these pizzas are delivered HOT, we will be charging a non-standard delivery fee based on your location to ensure that your pizza arrives HOT and ready to enjoy.

Pizza does not qualify for free delivery via our in-house delivery (based on location or coupon codes).

Note for Delivery Apps: We charge a different price for on-demand delivery due to the smaller daily demand, which in turn makes our cost per-pizza higher.

Only our Gusa branch serves pizza at the moment so it may not be visible to you due to your location. Don’t worry, we’re working hard to bring HOT pizzas to everyone in CDO!

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