MyMercedes Solo Subscription (1X a week for 1 Month)

From: 549.00 / month for 6 months


For Hassle-free Automatic Renewal Payments via your Credit Card or PayPal, tap the PayPal button (Tap “Pay with a Bank Account or Credit Card” if you don’t have PayPal)

For Manual Renewal Payments via Bank Transfer/GCash/Credit Card Payments, tap the “Add to Cart” button

MyMercedes Solo Subscription (1X a week for 1 Month) includes 4 Bread of your choice (subject to availability, 1 loaf per delivery)

Choose from 3 Series:

  1. BuMi Series (BuMi Bread, BuMi Rolls, BuMi Loaf)
  2. Sourdough Series (Sourdough Loaf, Rustic Round Loaf, Sourdough Pandesal)
  3. MyChoice Series (Choose from ALL Bread in our store)

Just put what you want in your Order Notes! If not, we can also choose for you based on what we can produce for the day.

This subscription will be delivered once-a-week, every Wednesday (4 deliveries in total, 1 loaf per delivery).

Price is inclusive of Delivery Fee – as always, 100% of our Delivery Fee goes to our riders.

Regular price: ₱700

Subscription price: ₱549

SAVE UP TO ₱151!